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Merrill and Steve

I enjoyed carving time out of our busy schedules to sit and really think through the reasons I am fortunate to be with and love and be loved by Steve and to think through and address issues that we will face as a married couple. Even more, I enjoyed sitting down with Steve to share my answers with him and hear his responses. The extra time this allowed us to have as a couple without other distractions is time I will cherish.

The modules addressing money, doing my part, children, and addressing issues were particularly helpful. Although we have talked about all these things previously, it was good to have direct questions and answers on these important topics to confirm we are on the same page and have open discussion on these topics. The resolving issues modules provides a good step-by-step process to addressing conflicts that may arise and we can use the tool of both coming up with ways to address the conflict that work for both of us. The entire course was very convenient to be able to do on our own time and in our own home. Thank you. – Merrill

Having time set aside for these conversations was really nice. While our lives are super busy, having distraction free time to remind ourselves why and how much we love each other meant a lot to both of us. The conversations covered a wide range of topics and reminded me why I’m choosing to spend the rest of my life with Merrill. I’d recommend other couples use the course as an opportunity to reinforce many of the things they’ve already talked about before.  – Steve