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Melinda and John

I believe that this this course is very in-depth and opens up lines of communication that couples, even in ones that have been long term, have not sat down and opened up to discuss. It’s important that values and goals are aligned when “feelings” of contentment arise. These will keep the relationship connected while feelings can be fickle. I enjoyed spending this time together in the course, but also makes me feel happy and solidified that we actually have had these discussions without being prompted. I’m glad there is a course so easily available online to meet the needs of our modern world and am very appreciative! Thank you! – Melinda

I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional pre-marriage class and your dedication, knowledge, and passion for this subject truly made the experience both enlightening and enjoyable.

The insights we gained during the pre-marriage class have been invaluable and have undoubtedly strengthened the foundation of our relationship. Your expertise and ability to guide us through various aspects of marriage preparation, communication, conflict resolution, and financial management were enlightening and have equipped us with essential tools for building a successful and fulfilling married life.

Your approach to teaching was exceptional, as you created an open and warm environment where we felt comfortable discussing our thoughts and concerns openly. Your ability to foster open communication among the participants was truly commendable, and it allowed us to learn not only from you but from each other’s experiences as well.

We are particularly grateful for the practical exercises and real-life examples you shared during the class. They helped us gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and joys that married life can bring, and they will undoubtedly serve as a solid framework for us as we embark on this journey together.

Throughout the course, your dedication and genuine concern for our well-being were evident. Your willingness to address our questions and provide personalized advice showed us that you truly care about the success of each couple you teach.

As my partner and I move forward towards our wedding day and beyond, we will carry the lessons we learned from your pre-marriage class in our hearts. We are confident that the knowledge and skills we acquired will be instrumental in maintaining a loving, respectful, and fulfilling relationship for many years to come.

Once again, thank you for making the pre-marriage class such a positive and transformative experience. We will always remember your guidance and wisdom as we build our future together. We wish you continued success in your mission to help couples prepare for a lifelong journey of love and companionship. –  John