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Mariah and Pabel 

I was honestly surprised by this course. Going into this, I honestly expected it to be a pain to complete with irrelevant material and overly religious guidance. I was very wrong. This course offered great conversation points to help us dig into memories of good and bad in the relationship and to truly make us think, is marriage the right step? Our conclusions were the same, YES! The course made me fall in love with my future husband all over again. I would highly recommend this for someone who sometimes finds it hard to express themselves but has the desire to let their partner know they do truly love them. – Mariah

The course was a bit difficult and abstract in format, but it was good conversation points. It helped me learn a bit more about what I want from my life once we are married. It also helped remind me of some of the good times while we were dating that I had not thought about in a while. I would recommend it for its ease of access with being fully online without needing an in-person meeting. – Pabel