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Maria and Kyle

I really enjoyed taking the course. I feel like Kyle and I were able to break some uncomfortable barriers and speak about things we normally don’t discuss on a daily basis. It was also very sweet to hear the kind words Kyle said about me, his family, and his way of thinking about how we want to raise our children. I am super happy with the results of this course and know Kyle and I will be able to refer back to these documents when we are feeling stressed or needing some reassurance. I feel we both now have a better understanding of what it takes to have a happy, healthy, and respectful marriage. – Maria

I enjoyed the depth of conversation it brought us. We rarely if ever dived that deep into some of those questions, so I feel like it did a great job of preparing us for marriage. I especially like the document outlining some of the items we want to teach our children. It opened a great discussion between us to set clear expectations. – Kyle