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Mackenzie and Ben

I really enjoyed the course! It prompted great conversation and allowed me to organize my thoughts on certain topics. We worked through the course material over a couple weeks and it didn’t seem too overwhelming. I have action items now of things to work on to improve our marriage. I liked the PDF style of the conversations. I would definitely recommend this course to someone looking for an online module version of marriage counseling. I appreciate your expertise and guidance, and will look forward to looking back on these conversations in the future. Thanks again! – Mackenzie

This course has helped us to communicate about the important topics we will go through as a married couple and come up with tactics to resolve issues as they arise. It helped paint a picture of reality and not to expect sunshine and rainbows every day. I think it also shed light on some topics we did not want to discuss. One thing that I think could be a little better, but understand is hard to do as a self-guided course is to make sure we stop to discuss potential conflicting thoughts for certain questions. We were both open when we wanted to spend more time on a certain topic, and the other was receptive to hear what needed to be shared. I hope we are able to continue these conversations as needed and re-open a prior conversation if it needs to be. – Ben