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Luke and Elsa

Dear Rev. Frank, I really enjoyed the structured conversations in this course. It’s nice to be assured that we’ve talked about a lot of the important things while leading into marriage. It’s a good compilation of conversations I think are needed to have before jumping into a marriage. I think we’re both more prepared for marriage by having formal conversations about a lot of these topics. We’ve obviously chatted about all of them before but it’s also good to take a step back and make sure we’re on the same page. I would definitely encourage a marriage course like this to all of my friends before marriage so they can make sure they have all of these important conversations. – Elsa

Dear Rev. Frank, I greatly enjoyed going through the course. It forced Elsa and I to sit down and make sure we understand and learn from each other. We have had many of these conversations in the past and did not learn a lot of knew things about one another, but the way that the conversations were laid out forced us to consider a lot of different questions at the same time rather than addressing them as they appear in life. This was very helpful because we were able to have quality time while also focusing on learning more about one another. I don’t think the course has drastically changed me or my relationship with Elsa, but I do think the issues discussion was especially helpful because it will allow us to be able to have a template for these kinds of conversations in the future. I would highly recommend this course to other couples because it forces you to make sure that you have important conversations rather than just get married. This kind of value brings you closer to your partner and better prepares you for life after marriage. – Luke