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Luis and Susan

Thanks to these online marriage preparation courses my fiancé and I were able to have some much needed conversations about important topics for our future. These online courses made it easy to focus on one subject at a time. Subjects like our love life, planning for children and finances. I personally found all of these courses were highly educational and it opened my eyes to new ideas on how to resolve issues when they arise. I strongly believe that if it wasn’t for these courses my fiancé and I would not have had many of these conversations. Due to these courses though, I believe that we as a couple are much more prepared for our future as husband and wife and have learned to communicate better. Both my fiancé and I would strongly recommend for any couple to take these courses. Even if the couple is not ready for marriage they would gain from these online courses. For example, I have known my fiancé for close to ten years now but through these courses I now feel like I know her and understand her at a whole new deeper level. – Luis

These marriage courses were instrumental to prepare my fiance and I to move to the next chapter in our life. It helped us to carve out time in our busy lives, spend time together to discuss many extremely important topics that we truly needed to talk about to ensure that we were either both on the same page or somehow willing to compromise on our differences. It also helped me to be honest with myself and express what I needed from my soon to be husband and be vulnerable in front of him with some sensitive subjects. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed this class and it brought us closer together and ready to enter marriage on the same page with love, understanding and faith. – Susan