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Lindsey and Jacob

These classes have helped us open up more and become closer. We were able to talk about hard topics in an open space and it allowed me to understand and learn more about him and his family. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy taking this class but, I found it extremely helpful and important as these are topics that we needed to talk about. I am a very confrontational person and sometimes push others to speak out too hard. I found that this class allowed me to take a step back and really listen and learn what my partner is saying. I was able to listen instead of interrupt and put my opinion in the mix. I waited until he was done talking to share my thoughts and feelings. This class made it very easy for the both of us to open up and learn more about one another. I think this class will play a huge part in our future as we continue to grow and learn about one another. – Lindsey

These classes have helped us come closer to each other but also I’ve gotten to know her and her family better. At first I was hesitant to take the classes, but after completing them I was glad I took them because it brought me mentally and physically closer to Lindsey. I’ve never been one to open up to anyone and still with the relationship I’ve had with Lindsey I was still very to myself. I hardly talk about my feelings and thoughts to anyone including my family. However, after taking these classes with Lindsey I feel more at ease talking about emotional and sentimental things with her. These classes have already helped us grow stronger and I don’t doubt they will continue to help us grow stronger in the future. – Jacob