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Lia and Rodolfo

I am a Miami-native, soon to be married woman in Miami, Florida who took Rev. Frank Nelson’s pre-marital course. I chose to take this course specifically because it was not religiously affiliated, even though I have my own religious beliefs. I also chose this course because it was an at home course that could be completed at your own pace. I find that often in this busy life that we all live, when we are obligated to do something in a certain time it can hinder the outcome of the assignment. If we are not in the right mindset or general state to commit to something, often it’s best that it waits until we are. Having the ability to do this course at home, at our pace, in our own privacy and intimacy truly made this course stand out to me.

Each section of the coursework was impactful and made us reflect on our past and think about the future. It was eye opening to see how much we learned about the topics, of which I thought we were already on the same page about. It was enjoyable but not exhausting, and the questions were engaging and challenged us to think. Overall, I think it has provided us with an additional foundation of which we already had and prepared us even more for this next chapter in our lives. I am thankful to have found such a great course that was inexpensive and as meaningful as it was. I would recommend this course genuinely to anyone I know and hope it is as worthy to them as it was to us. I am grateful to have done this in my own home and on my own time because it allowed us to truly connect even more during the days we prepare for our special day. – Lia

While the pre-marital course is a requirement for our Courthouse to avoid the 3-day waiting period, I had always wanted to find a way to connect on certain topics with my soon to be wife. While I am not a practicing religious person, I find myself to believe that this type of preparation whether through a church or not is highly beneficial. While going through the coursework I learned that my soon-to-be wife and I have some small differences on the way in which we want to proceed on certain things. I think that the way in which the course is outlined gave us the opportunity to sit, in private, at home, and talk about different things. Understanding where we each came from, and how we want to move forward. I think that even though neither of us are very religious, we appreciated talking about our faith, our values, our parents, and how all those areas affect us as a couple.

The coursework was easy to follow and fun to take part in. I think that being able to do it together over dinner, having these meaningful conversations was truly beneficial for us. While we had no idea how impactful it would be, I am grateful for the time we have spent together doing this assignment. It was a wonderful experience, and I am glad we took the time to do this, as it started some very important conversations. I thank the team that put this together and that offers this course and appreciate the value it added to our pre-marriage process. – Rodolfo