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Kristin and Adam

I really enjoyed the Texas e Course. I believe it helped Adam and I to talk about money, children, etc. that we haven’t had as thorough of conversations on. We set time each week to work on these courses which I think also made the course more enjoyable. It almost seemed like a serious conversation type of date night. I would highly recommend anyone to use this course in the future. We really truly did appreciate the course. We weren’t so sure about taking a premarital course at first but are extremely happy that we did! Thank you so much!!! – Kristin

This course was great, I really learned a lot about my future spouse. I didn’t realize how much we hadn’t talked about! The discussions we had during this process really made us a lot stronger. I was skeptical at first but this turned out to be a great thing and I would recommend it to anyone getting married. Thanks! – Adam