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Kristen and Bradley

We really enjoyed the online course and the flexibility it offered to our complicated and different schedules.The course brought up topics that we may not have previously discussed and helped us work through our answers with one another. There were a few questions where we disagreed but we realized after discussing that it was okay to disagree as long as we talked it out and heard each other’s side of things. We really enjoyed every section as it really helped to solidify why we are getting married in the first place. The course really brought us closer and we learned so much more about each other than we knew before. We would highly recommend this course to any newly engaged couple!! – Kristen

With COVID and working in the restaurant industry with a not so normal schedule this course was the best fit for us. We were able to work on it at any time and share our conversations with each other when we both were available. The questions went into a lot of topics that we would not normally touch on and I actually really enjoyed it. I believe this course alone brought my fiance and I closer than before. After being together for so long, sometimes you can lose sight of the important things and the course really helped in getting us back on track. I’m really happy that we chose to do this course and better our understanding of the importance of communication in marriage. – Brad