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Kimberly and Evan

We decided to do this Pre-Cana course to prepare us for marriage because it was flexible with our schedules and was a budget friendly option. I enjoyed this course because it facilitated a lot of meaningful discussion between us. We have discussed many of these topics before but I felt that the questions went even deeper, even making us reach within ourselves which really helped to process things going on in our lives currently. An eye-opening module was “Issues” where we discussed our struggles in searching for our first home. I liked it because it’s an issue that we have been dealing with since our engagement and is stressful to us, but this course gave us the tools to talk out what about it was stressful to us and even allowed us to openly discuss possible resolutions for a not-so-simple problem. I especially loved the checklist of emotions that was utilized in a few of the modules, because sometimes it can even be hard to distinguish how we feel about things that may be complex (like our relationship with our parents for example). I would definitely recommend this course to other couples who are getting married, as I think it is a great way to get important conversations going, and it helps to display God’s presence in marriage. – Kimberly

When my fiancé and I were first starting this program, we thought that it would not be helpful at all and that it would just be another thing to check off on the list before marriage; we were wrong. This program has helped us substantially to converse about some things we hadn’t even thought about before, like how our individual upbringings affect how we view each other’s roles in a marriage. If I could say anything to other couples, it would be to have an open mind about this program and especially each other: even if you think you have talked about everything, there is probably something you missed and this program will have you discuss it in meaningful ways. – Evan