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Kieu-Trinh and Jamie

The conversations after reviewing the courses were the most beneficial ensuring that we have had thorough conversations about our relationship. Overall, it also did come out that we have great communication which is great news! I hope that our communication habits are here to stay but we know that good respectful communication does not come without effort. I think doing the worksheets especially ensured everything remained respectful as responses were more thought out. I think writing out all the things we really appreciate and love about each other and why we are getting married or things we wish to say on our wedding were all very important. When things get tough inevitably, it will be a good resource to look back upon. – Kieu-Trinh

The exercises and questions that came up were very valuable in stirring good conversation between myself and Kieu Trinh. I thought our communication was always very good and from this exercise I think we discovered we are in a great place, both excited to get married and continue our partnership together. Issues, both major and minor will come up, but the important part is we both respect each other, are kind to each other, and love each other fully. – Jamie