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Kayla and Antonio

Thank you for creating this course for future spouses. We enjoyed each time we came together to do our counseling. We learned new things about each other and gained a new understanding of our family history and we found this time together very intimate. There were a lot of thought-provoking conversations, and we are looking forward to our vows, children and building our life together. We have an amazing experience through this Faith and scripture-based course. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us. God Bless, Kayla

The Online Marriage Preparation course was so eye opening! My fiancé and I made every session a date night where we could have deep, intimate conversations. We always prayed before every session and invited the Holy Spirit to invade the space and our hearts. We enjoyed all the guided conversations! They helped us dive deep on topics that we believe every couple should discuss before marriage. Through the process, the Holy Spirit even highlighted things that we thought were important to discuss that may have not been in the course. If you are living far away from each other or you don’t have as much time to get through a 7–11-week premarital course offered by a local Church, we highly recommend Rev. Dr. Frank Nelson’s course! – Antonio