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Kathleen and Brandon

Dear Reverend Frank, I was very grateful for the topics brought up in the course! There were many issues and solutions waiting to be discovered behind our love-blinded eyes. I was particularly fond of the Faith conversation. It is not something we discuss often and to be honest, we were worried we were not on the same page. It was so rewarding to discover our answers were basically the same! Going through these conversations, whether they be tough or joyful, it only solidified how much I want to marry him. I appreciate you giving that gift. I think these conversations will be valuable tools for me and I definitely plan on recommending it to future newlyweds! – Kathleen

Dear Reverend Frank, my fiance originally ordered this and I was hesitant, yet excited as I had told her I thought marriage counseling would be a good idea before getting married. After weeks of discussion, I am satisfied with the progress our relationship has made. We learned so much about our relationship and I think we came out stronger because of this program. I am so happy with how we are currently because of the conversations you made us do. I have always known I wanted to marry her but it has grown exponentially since I got to know her deeper through these conversations. I have a couple I know that are getting married next year and I plan on forwarding your website to them to see if they want to do it too! Thank you! – Brandon