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Karlee and Johnathon

The course was great, I think we were able to break down parts of things we wouldn’t normally discuss and speak about little details in situations that we both agree to take with us into our marriage and make our relationship stronger than we would of before. It was extremely helpful and an eye opener. If I had any advice to other couples, it would be to always do your very best to understand where your partner is coming from even if you don’t agree. Not everyone sees eye to eye and that is okay. – Karlee

We loved the course. It helped us to open up to one another about personal things we have kept bottled up. I loved that we were able to go step by step and break down each point. The issues part was by far the most helpful and we will be practicing that from here on out. If I could tell other couples one thing it would be that this is very eye opening and forces you to have the hard conversations that you may not have on your own. Very much so worth the time spent and money. – Johnathon