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Kaitlyn and Barry

I enjoyed this course and found it very helpful. I have a difficult time communicating, so the worksheets helped a lot to get started talking about things we had never talked about before. I think we just figured we thought the same. We discovered things about each other and even had some moments of arguing about past hurt which lead to a feeling of healing and coming together. I would tell anyone who is getting married to put time into this course, because its worth it no matter how close you think you guys are! Thank you for creating this beautiful program. I am very grateful for the guidance/help communicating and learning to love. – Kaitlyn

Thank you for developing this course. Going through the material with Kaitlyn was informative and therapeutic at times. I think I’ve learned a lot about myself, Kaitlyn, and our relationship. We have decided to incorporate discussions like those facilitated by the course on a more regular basis, because we appreciate how doing so through the course has brought us closer together. Thanks again for the thought put into developing this course. – Barry