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Joyce and Rudy

This was truly an amazing experience. I hadn’t done marriage counseling before getting married, but I am glad we found your course. We talked to each other in depth with every question, staying up to 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning not realizing time had passed. We answered questions about our families and past that neither of us had wanted to answer. I wasn’t a believer before, but the simplicity of the course made this so easy and enjoyable. I definitely learned more about Rudy, even though I thought I knew him so well already. Would do this again in a heartbeat. – Joyce

I have to say I was shocked at the content within this marriage counseling.  I had done marriage counseling in the past, but it did not force the types of conversations that this one did.  So many of the conversations you asked us to perform are absolutely critical to understanding where we are each coming from.  What in our past has made up who we are today.  While we knew a lot of the things discussed about each other, we didn’t know the depth to it all.  And as your conversations pushed us into the depths, we grew closer through the process.  I valued the conversations about family as well as about our sexual/romance life because I feel these two areas are incredibly important to me and historically, I have not voiced my opinions and/or feelings about these subjects.  With Joyce, I catch myself being very open and these conversations fueled that openness even more.  Thank you so much for the guidance you built into this counseling! – Rudy