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Joyce and Joshua

In terms of our experience, I would definitely say it was worth the time and effort, and would certainly recommend the course to our friends. I thought it was really funny that when we did our couple check-up, our main area of difference was in our expectations of what marriage will be like. I tend to be more of the realist, and had to talk Josh into doing a course like this because he didn’t think we would need it. By the end of the course, he agreed that going over the different topics/talk points helped to strengthen our bond, as we had talked about many of these things before but not always at such a deep level, and also that the issues discussion/conflict resolution template could be very helpful in the future. We’re generally on the same page about most things, but it makes me feel even more secure knowing that we have a method to help us resolve any potential conflicts in the future. Overall, we feel like your course has really helped us prepare for marriage and to feel ready for all of the blessings and challenges that life has in store! – Joyce and Joshua