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Jordan and Peter

The pre-marital guided conversations were a great way to sit down together and discuss important topics prior to our wedding. I enjoyed it because we were able to have productive conversations about previous and current challenges and disagreements that we have had without arguing or getting distracted. I also felt that my fiancé realized how important it is to communicate and sometimes have difficult conversations that he may not want to have but are necessary. We were even able to talk about some things more in depth such as children and our long-term goals together that we had not discussed before. I would definitely recommend this program to other engaged couples. It provides great topics, allows each individual to open up more and communicate on a deeper, more personal level and it is self-paced! – Jordan

I really enjoyed taking the course. It made us set aside time to talk just the two of us. Some of the questions brought up stuff we didn’t know about each other. Some questions made us think and actually talk about our issues and come up with solutions. I would recommend this course to other people. I really liked how it was self-paced and could talk about some questions more and get into detail. Thank you so much. I believe it set us up for a happy and healthy marriage. – Peter