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John and Danica

I greatly enjoyed completing the eCourse with my fiancée. I learned a lot about strengthening our relationship and improving our communication for our marriage. I also learned more about our values and how they align together. By completing this eCourse, we are able to improve our union, and that has increased our happiness. And when we have problems, I have methods that I can look back on to help guide us on the right path. – John

Rev. Frank Nelson, thank you so much for this insightful marriage preparation class. I really enjoyed the part where we did the questionnaires, and we sat together holding hands, reading each other’s answers. Every chapter of this course is helpful for us because it makes us know each other even more. I am grateful because this made me feel closer to John. I know that we can always refer back to this when in need, and it can be a valuable tool for our marriage. – Danica