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Jessica and Michael

Thank you so much for making this online marriage preparation course widely available and accessible to all. I thought the Issues session was the most helpful, and I hope to be able to use that template in the future to discuss any issues that are bothering me. I felt so much lighter and freer afterwards, not weighed down by my worries that I hadn’t had the courage to voice aloud to my partner yet out. Even though the issue isn’t fully resolved, I felt so much better just to talk about it openly and lay to rest some of my fears about how I thought my partner felt about it, which weren’t even true. Now I see how everything in a marriage really is about communication, like you said at the beginning of the course! I also enjoyed getting to learn more about my partner on topics we hadn’t discussed yet explicitly, such as money, our parents and childhoods. I was blown away when my partner wrote some really sweet things that we can use in our wedding vows during the ceremony. I would highly recommend this course to friends and tell them that even though it might seem unnecessary at first (like it did to us), it was truly helpful and set the stage well for a strong marriage moving forward. – Jessica

I believe the course was very informative. While we often contemplate how we’ll act in certain situations, writing them out and sharing our intimate thoughts with each other provided more structure, room to grow and learn, and a deeper fondness for each other. I now feel closer to my bride to be because we are now more intimately familiar with each other’s emotions, wants, and desires. While I cannot say that this program has created a definite positive change moving forward, it has armed us with better tools to deal with the problems and issues that may arise in our relationship. We are still not perfect people and our relationship is not perfect, but Dr. Rev. Frank has helped us to grow as couple and build a stronger bond. – Michael