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Jen and Joe

I am so happy Joseph and I decided to take this course before getting married. Although we have known each other and been in a relationship for over ten years now, we had very deep and meaningful conversations about very important topics. It was so nice to share with each other our personal thoughts and emotions regarding our wedding, future marriage and shared life. We are definitely more prepared to take on life together! I feel we will be looking back at our answers to many of these topics in the future. The course itself was easy to follow and understand, and during these times, the convenience of it being online was necessary for us. I would definitely recommend this course to engaged couples, but I even feel it would be beneficial for already married couples! Thank you so much for this course! – Jen

I thought the questions in this course were a great way to communicate with my future wife about topics we wouldn’t typically talk about on a regular basis, especially for how long we have already been together. Even though we know each other very well, it was nice to learn new things about my future wife, and how we each view certain topics. I think that this course helped us grow closer together as a couple, and will help us succeed in our marriage. It was convenient that we could go at our own pace, and I loved being able to set up “dates” to tackle a few topics at a time. I feel so excited and ready to marry Jennifer, and I think being able to discuss all these important topics beforehand definitely contributes to that feeling. I would recommend this course to other couples. – Joe