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Jasmine and Travion

I want to take the time to thank you for the laughs and joy between my fiancée and I during the conversations and discussions. You opened my mind to topics that I never thought about when going into a marriage. My fiancée and I have been together for 3 years and we have been through a lot. We have learned our own ways of getting through our issues and some things were never talked about or discussed that bothered us or even considered from the other person. During this course, I have learned to be an empty bucket without judgement and hear him out, even when he is just rambling on. I have learned that sometimes the things that I want is not what he wants and that’s okay as long as we compromise. I have also learned to love each other WITHOUT conditions because we are all we’ve got. I am so honored to have taken the time to learn from you and your methods and I will refer this course to all my newly engaged friends. Thank you again for your wisdom and blessing this union. – Jasmine

This online marriage preparation course helped us in so many ways! It was very well thought out and helped us discuss topics even deeper than we had before. The best part was the details in every aspect of marriage together that were brought up for us to discuss. It allowed us to really pinpoint the thing we want together in our marriage and in our family. Even if you feel you and your partner are the most compatible and on the same page, this course will force you to dig deeper and talk about just what you guys see and plan for your future and I encourage anyone to take Reverend Frank Nelson’s Online Marriage Preparation Course! – Travion