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Jamie and Charles

The course was helpful because it provided a clear framework and insight question prompts to start important conversations. Several of the prompts were thought provoking, and they encouraged us to think about and share about new ideas, perspectives, and experiences that we hadn’t shared with each other yet. It was enjoyable because it was well balanced with prompts that encouraged us to express gratitude and share reasons why we love each other and what we are looking forward to. It was always fun to tell and to hear these answers during the conversation. This contributed to our preparation by helping us ensure all our bases were covered for the most important topics and gave us validation that we have a solid relationship and are ready to move forward with getting married! – Jamie

The course was very helpful. It started off very easy and fun and it really helped us to soak in the joy and happiness we have as we thought about our relationship and getting married. The next set of conversations were thought provoking and challenging at times, which means they were doing their job in getting us to surface things and to talk through them together. Having the clear instructions and the ritual (we lighted a candle every time we had a conversation) helped us to get through the difficult conversations. I felt pretty prepared prior to the course, but I feel even more so after the course. And I’m really looking forward to the post ceremony conversation and the anniversary conversations! We also enjoyed the additional couple checkup assessment! – Charles