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Jairo and Teresia

I was pleasantly surprised with this course. The conversation assignments are really geared towards igniting conversation. There were topics here that we hadn’t really delved into too much when we did our Catholic preparation. I also liked how this course really focused on real life issues that we do face on day-to-day basis. Our Catholic preparation was more geared toward the religious side of marriage which is great but some of these topics that we discussed in this course are crucial to a lasting marriage. The emphasis on the open lines of communication is great to hear and really helped shape our conversations. None of these were too out of the ordinary so I feel like we have been on the right track with one another. I feel that we are a bit more prepared to enter into our marriage. – Jairo

The past day or so I was so stressed about our marriage license issue and when I found this course, I was relieved but a bit annoyed since we had already done our Catholic marriage prep. Once we started, I noticed the difference in this course immediately. The conversation assignments truly help to touch on points that are so important for a healthy marriage. I felt like Jairo and I have always had good communication, but this course really took it a step further and helped us to touch on issues we hadn’t spent too much time in the Catholic preparation. The Catholic preparation we had already gone through was wonderful from the religious perspective, but it barely touched on these issues that I feel have a greater impact on the life of a marriage. I truly feel that we are now going into Saturday with a better understanding of one another and have a better direction of where we want our marriage headed. Thank you so much for providing this course and all the great material! – Teresia