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Harriet and Sebastian 

Seb and I really enjoyed this course. It tackled a lot of modern situations as well as the traditional principles and tools to build a good solid marriage. We are already incredibly close, so answering the questions was generally quite a straightforward exercise for us. However, it opened up conversations that may not have occurred to us to have otherwise, and I feel that as a result we are even closer than we were before. It was really great (and very reassuring!) to see just how many topics we had the same approach. I think we also both got to know ourselves better throughout the process too. Definitely a course to take slowly and enjoy each session rather than rush it, but a lovely gift to ourselves before the big day. So happy that we’ve done this as preparation for our life together! Thank you for creating such a thorough course. – Harriet

I found this course very useful in exploring ideas that would not otherwise have occurred to me to discuss with my fiancée. We were able to tackle some quite complex topics and I feel that we have grown closer together as a result. There has also been an improvement in our ability to communicate. The final PDF’s (Anniversary and Conversation Dates) will be useful handrails for our future together as and when we need to discuss issues. I would recommend other couples taking an hour or so each week to work through each conversation at a time. I look forward to our marriage and life together! – Seb