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Hang and Andy

The online marriage preparation course that we completed was incredible. Once we both started on the journey, we were very excited to get through it so that we could have many of these conversations prior to being married. Through the course, we both feel like we have formed a stronger, more intimate bond since we now have a better understanding of each other. Thank you for putting this course together! It has really helped to set us up for success in our marriage!! – Andy

This course has been amazingly helpful and well structured! During our relationship, we talked about many important topics, but this course guided us to dive deep into each one. There are a lot of good and tough questions in each topic, especially children and faith. They pushed us to give more thoughts and share these thoughts with each other. We also realized that we have more differences than we thought and will learn to embrace these differences. We now know and understand not only each other but also ourselves at deeper level, hence strengthening our bond and deepening our love. This course also gave us an opportunity to prepare for the wedding beyond some details such as invitation cards, decorations, and reception meals. It drew us back to the main purpose of a wedding, it is about us, our love for one another, our unity in God and our life after this day! Thank you for such an amazing course! I will recommend it to any engaged couples and share our experiences during the course. – Hang