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Haley and Mike

Dear Rev. Dr. Frank, we hadn’t really ever sat down together, totally unplugged, to have conversations like we did with this counseling course. It was very refreshing to discuss things that don’t normally come up in regular conversations. It was also very nice to set that time aside to have those guided conversations and work through different things as a couple. It was very helpful to hear each other’s opinions and perspectives on various topics. It showed us the importance of setting time aside, just for us, to talk about things and be together, without friends, family, the TV, social media etc. It was extremely beneficial to get some of these topics and conversations out in the open to bring us together even more as we prepare for marriage. I would highly recommend to any couple who is thinking about or planning for marriage to consider going through these guided conversations. It was very eye opening and helpful to go through as a couple. We are very happy that our Pastor recommended this course to us. Thank you again! – Haley

In these days when the phone is rarely put down, or the T.V. is ever turned off our pre wedding counseling sessions were a breath of fresh air. I think we both would look forward to our sessions. The conversations we had seemed to really flow and they were conversations that we definitely needed to have. Even after all these years I feel Haley and I know a little more about each other and that is a wonderful thing. Thank you, Rev. Dr.Frank – Mike