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Glen and Veronica

I experienced a new closeness with Veronica and more understanding of the issues that we face and a renewed gratitude for Veronica (thru knowing how she feels for me, in writing) being in my life. I feel very blessed that we have spent time together, going thru this program and I am so very excited to be the one who is to be her husband. I got a better insight into how I can make her happy/happier. I wish to thank her for the time that she spent with me, for the faith that she has and for sharing of her faith with me. I am very happy, and I believe with all my heart that we are ready to step into our next phase of life together as husband & wife. Thank you Father and God Bless – Glen

I found the experience helpful and the questions at times were a little challenging, though provoking as it forced me think about relationship.  I enjoyed going through this experience with Glen.  It only made me realize more why I fell in love with him. – Veronica