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Francy and Jan

I am very grateful God directed me toward your course. Thank you so very much Rev. Frank for making this available. The course brought out and compiled so many of the conversations Francy and I have had during our relationship and made us reflect on our marriage and God. We came out so very much reassured of our love and decision to marry. I couldn’t imagine a more rewarding experience, and I had no idea how important this was. Thank you! – Jan

We really enjoyed this course. It gave us the opportunity to do it at our own pace. We were able to enter into the deepest corners of ourselves and get to know more about our childhood, families, and relationships. The guided talk points were very focus-oriented and the whole course was guided in every single step. It was easy to follow, and we were able to complete it with a lot of enthusiasm. This really prepares us for a future married life, and it touches on the most relevant topics married people could experience. I definitely would recommend this course to all my friends, even to the couples that are not engaged yet. It opened our minds and made us think about our relationship from many different perspectives. The course went above and beyond our expectations and it was really well designed. – Francy