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Florelys and Liam

Marriage counseling was of utmost importance for me. I’m so happy we found this faith-based guidance. The information we received was valuable and I can’t wait to go through the years looking back at our assignments to see how we’ve grown and remember the foundation of where we began. I’m grateful for all the conversations we’ve had because of the counseling and even the arguments we were able to resolve through these conversations. I’m sure this will help us remain as one throughout our life. – Florelys

I thought that this was incredibly helpful, honestly. It made me think about a lot of things that either had slipped my mind, never been a thought, or something I had not considered necessary to talk about until we did. It really made it easy to talk about any issues I was having with her without feeling like I was going to just start an argument. It made for a safe feeling environment for us to talk about important topics. I would 100% recommend this to other couples. I think even if people only get one thing out of the entirety of all the sessions, that one thing is better than not having done it at all. I got so much out of this, and I think every couple would benefit from it. I also was always looking forward to those conversations with my partner and loved that that was included alongside just doing the assignments separately. – Liam