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Erica and Alex

My fiancé and I chose this course as recommended by our church for its convenience and simplicity. Dr. Rev Frank has a highly organized and updated class that we found worked well for us. We have opposite work schedules, so this allowed us to find time to sit down comfortably together when we were both available. We have been dating for over 10 years and we know each other well. We did however find this to be a helpful way to review our values and to be on the same page prior to getting married. We discussed some topics like children and money that can be more difficult to talk about. I felt like this course brought us together and has made us feel more prepared for this next chapter in our lives. – Erica

This was a great course to bring up some tough questions in our relationship. It was an easy way to get us talking and allowed us to do the class while we had time. Our schedules aren’t the easiest to meet in person for a class so this was the perfect compromise. I enjoyed the grouping of topics as to not overwhelm with several talking points each section. Would recommend this class to any couple just to air out any feelings or thoughts with their partner in a safe space. – Alex