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Emily and Matt

We definitely grew during this course! My favorite parts were hearing what he loves and appreciates about me that he might not have vocalized prior. I also liked the parts where we talked about our childhoods. I also really appreciated the promises we made to each other in the last session. I found the advice for open communication (the bucket) helpful as well as the advice for conflict resolution. To other couples, I’d say you have nothing to lose and only things to gain from going through the course. You might find a stronger bond by the end of it. – Emily

This course was enjoyable due to the fact that it showed how strong our compatibilities are as there was great overlap on things brought up that we hadn’t discussed yet. It was helpful for very much the same reason, bringing up important things we hadn’t ironed out yet. To other couples I would say go into it with honesty and have the bonds of your relationship strengthened. –  Matt