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Emily and Adam

Writing about the various topics individually before meeting together to discuss was the most helpful part of this course. We felt as though we had talked about these things before, but the questions and prompts brought more knowledge and discussion to the surface. We got into some really awesome, deep conversations that have made us remember why we fell in love in the first place! We enjoyed talking through an important issue/decision we’ve been facing the most. It was the most in-depth conversation we have had about the issue and left us feeling better about our progress towards this big life decision. Before this, it was actually, a conversation that has been avoided because it made us both tense. After completing the course, we’ve changed for the better. We’re both more honest, patient, and open in terms of how and when we communicate about things. We feel like the communication process we learned is something we will really value and go back to when we have big decisions to make. We know how to use the tools and feel better equipped to talk through major life events and decisions as they arise. Should we have friends getting married soon, we’d certainly recommend a course like this to them. It’s extremely important that couples think and talk through these things before marriage. We are lucky that we don’t have any pressing issues in our relationship, but this course was still valuable in helping us reflect on some things we haven’t been talking about recently. Plus, life is full of challenges and this prep course will help us tackle new issues when they arise. We really appreciated how much you love the sacrament of marriage and how passionate you are about this. It’s really uplifting to see and has made us more excited about the commitment we are making to each other! Sometimes people like to be disparaging about marriage, so it was refreshing to hear your take on things. Thank you for that. – Emily and Adam