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Dorothy and Wyatt

Thank you so much for offering this course and your guidance as Wyatt and I prep for our marriage.  I have really enjoyed the topics and guided conversations that Wyatt and I have been able to have because of this course. It opened up the floor to have some difficult discussions that might not come up organically for two 26-year-olds! The convenience of being able to spread out the conversations at our own pace was also invaluable, as well as the helpful videos you included as part of this course. We are so excited to get married this month and now feel completely equipped to take on our marriage. Thank you for your wonderful course and all of your help! – Dorothy

Thank you very much for providing this course. I really felt that our ability to sit in a familiar setting together and discuss these topics allowed for even more open and in-depth conversations. We would absolutely recommend this course to anyone preparing for marriage! – Wyatt