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Diana and Nector

(Translated from Spanish) I thank Reverend Dr. Frank Nelson for this online course. It was a unique experience, especially because we discovered things or points that we had not previously discussed or touched on. The importance of a marriage and that we will be one flesh. Marriage is a very important step and that through living together we will get to know each other more. He also helped me in the part about the importance of leisure. We had not touched this point before and by taking this course we were able to talk about the matter. And the decision was that it must be agreed to be able to enjoy the relationship together. And it allows us to be able to meet our needs. We know that problems could come, but having good communication with your partner can help us solve them. This course was very useful, good and necessary, because it helped us to see every aspect of life in a marriage. – Diana

I sincerely believe that these courses are useful, good, necessary and transcendent, because it leads us to look at each aspect of life within marriage. – Nector