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Danielle and Ryan

I really enjoyed this online premarital course. Taking it online at our own pace was so nice with our busy schedules. We were able to take our time to answer the questions and had time to really talk about the different topics/conversations. A lot of the conversations were topics we probably wouldn’t have discussed on our own, so I’m glad we were forced to talk about it and be open with each other. We learned a lot about each other and said things we probably were always thinking but never actually said out loud. We verbalized our love and appreciation for one another which we already know existed but is always nice to hear. The problem-solving section was also very helpful. I will always look to “rules to resolving conflicts” in our marriage when any conflicts may arise. It really broke down what we should or shouldn’t be doing to resolve a conflict. I would recommend to any engaged couples looking to do this online and at their own pace. You’ll learn a lot and learn to appreciate and love your significant other even more. – Danielle

Danielle and I found this course very helpful in many ways.  We were able to sit down, complete each subject and the questions associated with it.  Then we had real conversations with each other about our responses.  It was good for us both to hear what each other had to say.  Some parts were funny, some were serious.  We learned a great deal about each other and how we feel.  The “Issues” subject allowed us to discuss a problem that is going on in our relationship.  I think it’s the first time we had a intimate conversation about it.  It was good for us.  I believe we have a plan now. Overall, I’m thankful we found your course.  This is great material for all couples getting ready for marriage.  Take the time to work through each subject.  You will benefit greatly from it! – Ryan