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Christina and Kevin

My fiancé and I thoroughly enjoyed your online course. Many of the conversations were things that we have touched base on previously, but never took the time to sit down and talk about in their entirety. We opened up a lot of new talking points as well…things like our difficulty with communication, our relationship to faith & re-learning how to handle conflict/resolution, that we will continue to work through and strive for. This, combined with in-person reflection with our officiant, has been my favorite part of the wedding planning journey. It has grounded me in the chaos of trivial planning tasks, which when all is said & done, will not determine the success of our marriage. I feel we’ve built an incredibly strong base to keep working & growing upon. I recommend this course! – Christina

I really enjoyed how in this course we were able to take large “concepts” and apply them to the practicalities of marriage. Things like Children, Money, and doing my part in our home are things we will deal with daily. This course goes beyond just our time we have spent preparing for marriage. The course will provide for us in the many years to come in our marriage. I look forward to reflecting each year on our marriage and using the worksheet and exercise provided by the course. I think perhaps the single most beneficial tool of this course was the framework for resolving issues. I can see us using this very often for any range of issues, large or small. It is almost like having an impartial third party with us at all times to help mediate in the event of conflict and bring us together. Thanks Rev. Dr. Frank – Kevin