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Christina and Derek

I feel as though God led Derek and me to this course so that we might be able to start this new chapter in our lives with a truly fresh beginning. I am so thankful to God that we were led to your particular course out of the dozens of choices that we had. The course about our parents was so eye-opening and, in many ways, therapeutic for the two of us. I am so excited about our next ‘conversation date’. I am so grateful that I will always have these talking points to turn back to when things don’t seem as rosy and apply them to create an everlasting marriage with Derek. – Christina

Dear Rev. Frank, I want to thank you for your services. I want to say that if this course was available to everyone before marriage it might lower the margin of divorce. The course really made me realize what I must work on to make my marriage work. I am glad we came across your course. I will continue to use the tools I have gained and the knowledge to get closer to God and to have a fruitful relationship with my soon-to-be spouse and God. – Derek