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Christian and Emily

I had a wonderful experience doing this marriage preparation course. Being able to share with each other our thoughts and feeling about the topics covered in this course was an amazing experience. Emily and I have been together for 10+ years (since high school) and I was able to learn things about her that I was unaware of. Going through how our parents raised us and the different personalities that our parents have, I could see how we have become the people that we are today. It was really interesting to say the least and am glad that we spent the time together to go through this process. – Christian

I found this experience to be very helpful and enjoyable. I think it is really important to have these tough conversations with your significant other prior to getting married. Our conversations helped analyze where in our relationship we struggle and need to work on, as well as areas that our relationship is strong in. It was also really nice sharing and hearing each other’s thoughts and feelings of the other person on the different topics discussed. I’m excited to use the conversation resources in the future and apply what I have learned in this course about myself and my fiancé to ensure success in our marriage. – Emily