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Charissa and Kellus

Hi Rev. Frank, we completed the premarital course and it was an amazing experience that forced us to open up and be transparent. It allowed us to really grow in our relationship and prepare for our marriage. I enjoyed how we prayed with and for each other and our future together. I also enjoyed how we held hands during our conversations for a deeper intimacy. I would recommend this for any couple that really wants to prepare and feel more confident in their journey to marriage. It covers every aspect of a marriage and you as an individual. These courses are great in helping you recognize your trouble areas and things that need work in your relationship and on your own. I look forward to using the additional conversations to guide us throughout our marriage for years to come! Thank you for walking us through the process and helping us prepare for our marriage! – Charissa

Reverend Nelson, thank you for the time and commitment that you put into creating this wonderful program. My fiancé and I both benefited greatly from the thoughtful approach to the many segments of tangible and intangible angles that marriage encompasses. I found the conversations to be a great opportunity to really dig deep and go beyond surface discussions. Though in-person counseling allows for a constant dialog and real time input that is helpful, this program is the next best thing because of the modeling of the activities and. follow ups. We look forward to using the “Rules for Resolving Conflicts” as a guide to more graciously navigate the tensions that may arise when we are married. The fact that all of the material is Bible-based is something I do not want to fail to mention, as that is foundationally key to what made this program effective. Once again, we are thankful for the way that everything is framed in these lessons, it will allow us to continually examine our hearts, thoughts, and actions within matrimony. – Kellus