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Caroline and Justin

I really enjoyed completing this course with Justin. It was helpful to talk through everything. We have great communication as it stands but it was enlightening to find a couple of areas we can improve on (finances and chores). I would absolutely recommend this course to other couples, no matter where they are in their relationship journey! – Caroline

I found this course to be very helpful. My fiancé and I have always had a very open and honest dialogue in our relationship, but this course allowed us to shed light on new ways to communicate even more effectively. The portion discussing chores was surprisingly helpful for us. When we first discussed that part of the course, we ran into some issues. We decided to use those issues around chores as our “issue” to focus on during the next part of the course. The issues process was very helpful, and we both finished the exercise feeling better and willing to compromise. I would suggest this course to any other couple entering marriage. – Justin