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Carmelle and Tim

What I thought was helpful were the important topics that the course got us to think about and discuss that would be important topics to consider in our future life together. It was nice to get a chance to think through the different aspects of these topics through the prompting questions and be able to discuss them before marriage. What I thought was enjoyable was practicing communicating on important topics after having a chance to prepare our own thoughts first. This will help us prepare for marriage by practicing important communication skills, including how to be a better listener and essentially a good spouse. – Carmelle

What was helpful for me was the structure and order of the topics that we discussed, as well as the different aspects of the issues the questions made us think about. What I enjoyed were the conversations that we had during the course. Sometimes having really busy lives, it’s hard to find the time to really have a conversation with your partner. I think this will help us in the future to remind ourselves that we need to take time to talk to each other and really listen to what the other is saying. The course also made me realize there are some communication skills that I should try to improve which will help me with our relationship moving forward. – Tim