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Carley and Garrett 

Overall, I think this course was very enjoyable and helpful. While I feel like Garrett and I had a lot of these conversations already, it was helpful to see everything on paper with a natural progression. I hope we can take these tools into our marriage and use them when issues arise. One small suggestion would be to put the videos before each section. We did end up doing the work before watching the video, as it was placed after the worksheets. Overall, the course was wonderful! – Carley

This course was helpful, it generated a lot of valuable conversations and sparked some new ideas. I think it allowed us to dial in some things we need to work on as a couple, but it also provided a lot of confidence and optimism for us moving forward into marriage. I would recommend this course to others; it was easy and straightforward. I was also appreciative that we could sit down and do it on our own time together. The flexibility to do this course as we were able made it much easier to do and allowed us to generate better responses. – Garrett