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Brian and Toni

This course was a great way for my fiance and I to connect and talk about the things that really matter. I got caught up in the minutiae and stress of planning a wedding and needed to re-shift my focus on us as a couple and remember WHY we are getting married. These conversations were pleasant, deep and thoughtful. I firmly believe every couple should take the time to talk about topics that are described in this course before getting married, as it will set a firm foundation for the journey ahead in marriage.  – Brian

I wasn’t sure what to expect when we decided to do this course.  I thought it was a great course.  We had great conversations throughout the process and thought it was great to be able to complete this on our own time in the privacy of our own home.  It helped both of us do a little reflecting on our relationship and having these open and honest conversations help make the relationship better.  I would definitely recommend to other couples looking for premarital counseling. – Toni