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Bill and Devon

Devon and I were excited to do pre-marital counseling from the get-go. We recognize how helpful it is to be on the same page when it comes to our newly joint lives. I also was a little apprehensive – we’ve moved in together and have had a lot of hard, important talks and wondered what else we needed to go through. Clearly I was wrong, there was still a lot for us to talk about; a lot more we could learn about each other. We learned about the ways we think and more importantly the ways we think differently. We’ve learned about big things like our mutual disinterest in having children, as well as how seemingly small things were also important – like what chores we do or do not like to do. Ultimately, though; I think most importantly, we continued to learn how to be vulnerable with each other and how to respectfully have important, heavy conversations. Even the conversations we felt were easier were still nice. Just being together for a specific time where we could talk was wonderful. I looked forward to hearing Devon’s responses to the questions as well as her comments on my responses. This was a wholly appreciated experience and I was happy to have gone through it. – Bill

When Bill and I got engaged, I automatically knew that it was important for us to do some form of pre-marital counseling, because as someone who has lived with depression for most of my life, I knew I would need to do the emotional work to prepare myself and Bill for our marriage. I expected to tackle some difficult issues and learn more about how to resolve conflicts, but what I didn’t expect was to fall even more in love with Bill by going through this process over the past couple of months. It has been so important for us to have these conversations, especially as we’ve been struggling to plan our wedding during the pandemic, and I feel like we are about to start our marriage off in the best way because of the work we’ve put in. I will recommend this program to all of my friends, and I look forward to continuing to use the resources we’ve been given for years to come! Thank you for offering such a great program!! – Devon