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Ashley and Michael

This course was very educational and interesting. I loved how interactive it was even though it was completed online. I felt this course really had some nice topics of conversations that are essential for a successful marriage. The topics opened us up to be more vulnerable and attentive. I even felt emotional as we were going through each session. Especially the one with our parents. I know they aren’t perfect, and my parents did the best they could. I just hope that we can learn from them and do an even better job for our future children. The money topic was very important as well. We were able to discuss a good budget to help us save money while still being able to pay off debts. I am optimistic about our future together. Thank you so much for the convenience and opportunity to go through such an intense but necessary course before saying I do. – Ashley

I think the course was thought provoking on a lot of important topics for going into a marriage. It allowed us to explore some issues that may arise and allowed us to discuss how we would handle it. I like the faith-based aspects of the course that we took (regarding the prayer and associated scripture) as the two of us are in agreement on this matter. The course was simple but provided a lot of important information that can help us on the road in our marriage. – Michael