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Anna and Jin

I finished the doctrine of marriage and also got my certificate in Vietnam. However, learning online again and answering questions in PDF form like some exercises for me to look at myself and better understand our love and issues. It made me understand better that family is about understanding and sharing responsibilities and not just romance like pink love. I understand and thank my parents for giving birth to me and educating me about faith in God and human personality. They are my best role models for building a family. I know how to run to our God more (in happy times as well as in difficult times), I pray more to our God and I know how to pray more and thank God for what he has given me. – Anna

The online course was very informational. I never expected an online marriage course to be this comprehensive. Although it’s not as long as a live class, it did require quite a bit of critical thinking especially when it comes to the questions corresponding to each exercise PDF. I enjoyed listing out my love and affection for Anna. I feel that by listing out our thoughts, we will be more prepared for future obstacles. When the marriage and family think as a whole, along with God’s blessings, nothing can stand in our way. – Jin