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Anieliese and Gianluca

We truly want to thank you as this course was an amazing experience. We actually went over 4 hours as we took the time to discuss our responses which allowed us to open up and become more vulnerable than ever. Great experience! Participating in the marriage course was truly remarkable. It brought us moments of laughter, facilitated discussions on challenging topics, and deepened our connection in profound ways.

Exploring the course content ignited genuine excitement about our upcoming marriage. But most importantly, it truly brought us closer together and reminded us that our foundation is love and friendship. Above all, it provided a precious opportunity for us to reflect on our journey together, from the very beginning to this moment. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone considering marriage. I can assure you it will not only enrich your bond but also bring you closer together than ever before. – Anieliese

The marriage preparation course was genuinely eye-opening and incredibly beneficial for my relationship. It provided us with practical tools and strategies for communication, conflict resolution, and financial management, which are crucial for a healthy, long-lasting partnership. The course encouraged us to discuss topics we hadn’t thoroughly explored, such as family planning, career ambitions, and personal values, ensuring that we were in agreement or prepared to handle differences.

It also offered insights into maintaining intimacy and mutual support, which is important when there are ups and downs in married life. I would recommend such a course to other couples contemplating marriage. It’s a valuable investment in building a strong foundation and understanding each other deeply before tying the knot, enhancing the chances of a successful marriage. – Gianluca